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What are Earthwalks?

An Earthwalk is a special adventure in experiencing the richness and wonders of the natural world. The emphasis is upon re-awakening individual senses and sharpening perceptions. An Earthwalk is made up of a series of special activities, usually from four to six, lasting from one to two hours in total which provides a new way of looking at familiar things, and the unfamiliar too.


What do you do?

We do not cover vast distances!  An average walk is an amble of about a mile with many pauses and wanderings along the way.  The activities involve the children using each of their senses in an imaginative way and sharing their experiences. There is no formal pencil and paper work, no clipboard, no identification, no “biology”. The children leave with a sense of wonder and peace, full of a rich experience which can fire a desire to learn more about the natural word and to become involved in the stewardship of it.


Who are they for?

The walks are particularly suitable for children from 5 to 11 years old although the accompanying adults usually ask to join in too! The activities are selected to suit the age of the children on each walk.  The Burn footpath is fully accessible to wheelchair users, the sensory activities are suitable for children with learning  difficulties and most are suitable for those with visual or hearing  impairment.


Back at School.

The experience provides an excellent stimulus for creative writing, art and music as well as an incentive to find out more about living things and their habitats.


When do they happen?

Earthwalks can take place at any time of the year. Activities are chosen to make the most of the season but, obviously, they are more fun in dry weather so the summer and first half autumn term are probably the best times.


The Woodland Classroom

A tented area is available which can comfortably accommodate a class of 30 children. A portable toilet and hand-washing facilities are also provided. Groups are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to have before, during or after the walk.



There is no charge for the walks. This project is part of the Haltwhistle Burn Project which has been funded by the National Lottery, Northumberland National Parks, Northumberland County Council, Tynedale District Council and Haltwhistle Town council


The walk  leader

Walks are led by Alison Higgs a primary teacher of 15 years experience.



Walks can be booked for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at any time of year.

Phone Haltwhistle Partnership Office  (01434 321242) to make a booking.

Risk assessments for the Walks will be sent upon booking.